3 days back into training.
day 1, hang snatch + snatch x 1+1 185#
day 2, power clean + power jerk x 1+2 205#
day 3, bench press x 3 185#

hang snatch + snatch from Matthew Morales on Vimeo.

Snatch MU w: commmentary from Matthew Morales on Vimeo.

My first attempt at video commentary. I know Michael laughed through the entire video but I am ok with that. More to come!
ive been training at Catalyst Athletics for a few months now. it works. check cathletics.com daily videos for updates.

felt really weak on snatches. intervals went well. legs got all kinds of messed up from the squats and burpees. ctb are too easy.

I seem to be leaning forward on all my cleans. Ill be getting the bar much further back next time. Having said that legs held me back from going heavier. Pull felt easy.

Been a long time since ive had some video to post. I just bought a new phone with a great camera so im back to posting some videos more often. Lots of missed lifts here but felt great. Looking forward the the upcoming challenge of the open.


I just figured out to to get facebook videos to my blog so here is a lift from regionals. 235#